18 Apr 2018

By now, you may have seen some online personalities sporting our apparel with the hashtag #ArcadeInsider.

We’ve been working with these lovely people to showcase how our apparel can be worn in different settings and styles. Each of these insiders brings something new to the table, whether its their style, their skill, their personality or their way of life!

One of our most active Insiders is the delightful Chloe Choo (@chloeandchoo). Everywhere she goes she brings a quirky personality, a wicked sense of style and a loud laugh! Her 81,000 followers love it (us included) and we want to let our Arcade Fam get to know her a little better too!

So we sat down with Chloe recently to find out more about her style and what inspires her!

A: HELLO MISS CHOO! Let’s kick things off easy; Describe your style in 3 words.

C: Chameleon, Comfort, Chloe

A: Sounds about right. Would you say you’ve always had this style or has it changed over the years?

C: I’ve become much more experimental with colours and patterns and structures.

A: Yes, we’ve seen you experiment with some crazy silhouettes and outfits lately! What would you say is the most out-there look that you’ve worn recently?

C: I’d say the supposedly off shoulder frilly dress in blue gingham that I wore as a toga dress. My boyfriend remarked that my style looked different on that day. Not something he would think I would wear out but unpredictable Chloe strikes again!

A: Many young women (and some men) out there look to you for style inspiration. So I’m sure they’d like to know who are your style icons?

C: Kiko Mizuhara, Dua Lipa, Vogue Japan

A: So inquiring minds want to know: What are some of your favourite Arcade pieces?

C: Too many but just to name a couple; The Leslie Pocket Jumpsuit fo’ sure, Miyo Kimono Romper, Arcade Anniversary Bowling Shirt and Robyn Shorts in White. Oh! And the Cinque Denim Jacket!

A: Can we just say you looked awesome in the jumpsuit! The colour and cut suited you so well!  (psst.. the Leslie Pocket Jumpsuit is upcoming soon!)

Photos taken from Chloe's IG

A: Most people would definitely be exposed to influencers but we don't think people really understand what an influencer does. What's your typical day like?

C: My day starts off with yawns and licks from my fatpie doggy, Kimchi and we head down for our brunch with my two other dogs and parrot, Tattoo, Scooby and Cory. One minute you see me scooping their food, the next I’ll be scooping up their poop. Dogs done, time to fix Cory’s and my lunch. She’s usually my everyday brunch/lunch partner because we would sit opposite sides and have our meals. Then I’ll be stuck at that table for the next few hours editing photos/videos that is due for posting and run my in-house chores or out-of-house errands or head for shoots or meetings thereafter.

A: Last but definitely not least, what are 3 style tips you have for our Arcade Fam?
C: Number 1: Get out of your comfort zone & push your style boundaries! 
Number 2: Travel and do outfits experiments under different weather conditions! 
And lastly: If not now, then when? Put on your best outfit everyday, any day! Feel good, look better!
A: That was so inspirational *wipes tear* Before you go, let’s have a quickfire round! Answer as many question as possible in 30 seconds! Are you ready, aaaaaaaand GO!
A: Favourite hair colour you’ve tried so far?
C: I’ve been trying endlessly to get to my current grey colour so I guess this would be my favourite hair colour
A: Earworm at the moment?
C: Him and I by G-eazy/Halsey
A: Dragon or unicorn?
C: Mr fire blowing dragon
A: Favourite app on your phone?
C: Google, my life depends on it
A: Sweet or savoury?
C: I like when I get to have both of them mixed together
A: Favourite superhero?
C: My dad, my brother, my boyfriend, Kimchi and whoever catches the lizards.
A: Dogs or cats?
C: All animals
A: Favourite tattoo?
C: My geometrical cat head
A: And time’s up! Thanks for sitting down with us today! It’s always a good time when you drop by!
C: Thanks for having me!
With Love,
Arcade & Chloe ♥

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