About Us


Creating our own Arcade

of how it all started.

Just like the kid in Caine’s Arcade ( A viral Youtube video of a kid who built an Arcade out of recycled cardboard ),

we thought we could build our own style.

Back in 2006, we found it hard to find clothing that we could identify ourselves with.

Online shopping was not yet for everyone and we started an online store on a blog. 

In 2012, we took things a step further and created AforArcade.com.

Fast forward to 2019, the values that have guided Arcade haven't changed.

Through Arcade, we continue to curate styles that excites.

Being a store that our customers can always depend on to find a certain look.

We believe our customers and us value the same qualities.

Craftsmanship + affordability.

Trendiness + timelessness.

Sounds impossible? That's our challenge everyday.

Not convinced? Easy...

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