21 May 2020

Staying home for long stretches of time has its pros and cons, and sometimes even homebodies can start to feel a tiny bit of cabin fever. What have you been up to these days, and how are you holding up?

It's the little moments that count while we stay at home, and we recently caught up with #ArcadeInsider Shu (@shuutravels) to find out what she's been up to and how she has been incorporating her cheery, upbeat vibes into her creative work.

Hi Shu, how have you been doing, and what have you been up to the past couple of weeks? 
Hello! Staying at home has been pretty refreshing. I get to prepare a decent breakfast every morning, eat home-cooked meals, exercise and spend time with my family.

Have you picked up any new hobbies during this period? Or has there been anything you’ve been indulging yourself in and have found that you really enjoy?
I discovered the world of YouTube fitness classes! There are so many options for you to choose from depending on your interests, and they are so convenient to attend I will probably continue to keep doing this.

We love your cheery stay-home #OOTDs. Where do you get your inspiration from and what have you loved most about creating them?
Thank you! I never thought of my home as 'photogenic' before, and finding items at home to repurpose as props and backdrops has actually been quite fun! Inspiration wise I especially love the photos @malloryonthemoon, @kasey.jo.gerst and @katie.one have put up.

Which has been your favourite image to create so far?
The 'sakura' picture! I’m probably biased because it took me around 3 hours to set up the fake sakura leaves with my mum’s CNY decorations. I always thought they were a little 'obiang' but am glad to now see them in a different light!

Do you have any wardrobe must-haves, and what are your favourite kinds of outfits to put together?
I love denim! I must have about 20 (oops) pairs of denim bottoms in my closet at the moment, from shorts to skirts and jeans. They are so easy to pair and to create different looks with. They’re also comfy, last forever and I can wear them anywhere!

All your images and apparel are usually filled with colour! What draws you to bright colour palettes and upbeat vibes?
I'm generally quite a positive person, so I think I'm always subconsciously drawn to the colours that reflect my personality. I hope my images bring you a little joy too!

We hope you guys enjoyed this little read, and we too hope you've been having fun with any creative projects you're currently working on. Sending some love from Arcade, and stay safe everyone! 

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