27 Aug 2018

A romantic affair that most girls endlessly daydream about, weddings not only signify the union of two people but also let family and friends come together to share an important milestone in the couple’s lives.

Of course, with it comes the highs and lows of pre-planning and the stress of perfecting every detail, but #ArcadeInsider Jocina, who got married earlier this year, maintained a relaxed and composed mindset when preparing for her big day. Just how did she do it? Jocina herself tells us about the day she said “I do” and the months leading up to her beautiful wedding.

A: Hi Jocina, congratulations on getting married earlier this year! How has married life been so far and what are some of your favourite moments together as a married couple?

J: Married life has been pretty great! We’ve been bumming around a lot more recently because we can be rather lazy especially when work is really tiring [laughs]. Some of our favourite moments have got to be eating McDonald’s in the middle of the night while watching a movie or sleeping in together on weekends! It’s the simple joys for us. 

A: You looked spectacular in your wedding dress! What did it feel like to have found the gown and what made you fall in love with it?

J: Thank you! Actually, I bought my solemnisation / first walk-in gown during my first visit to a wedding gown store because I loved the dress so much! I went to the appointment with my best friend, and she could tell I loved it too so she urged me to get it before I started overthinking and buying too many dresses (shopaholic syndrome!). 

I guess it was kind of like how brides react when they’re on those bridal shows you see on television. Except it wasn’t as exaggerated as on TV! But I just knew it was the gown I was gonna say my vows to my husband in! Also, it was the only piece left and it was on sale, so that’s an extra reason for getting it!

The other gowns I wore on my wedding day were rented, and the white gown I wore during the morning gatecrash was actually designed together with a studio. I enjoyed the collaboration process so much because I got to pick the shape, fabric, and everything else down to the last detail!

A: You and your bridal party looked adorable posing for photos together. When searching for bridesmaid dresses what were some elements you and your leading ladies prioritised?

J: I would say colour? Some of my bridesmaids weren’t pink/pastel people, and I knew they’d be quite uncomfortable being in those shades! The cutting of the dresses mattered as well since some of my bridesmaids weren’t very keen on tube dresses or something with an overly low cut. Since bridesmaids move around a lot during the wedding day, one of my priorities was to have them feel comfortable with what they were wearing!

A: Were there any beauty rituals you used to indulge in to de-stress or pamper yourself before the wedding?

J: A few days before the wedding I did my nails and also highlights and treatment for my hair. My mum made me have bird’s nest too!

A: Looking back at your wedding day, which part of the ceremony was most memorable for you and why?

J: I enjoyed the small pocket of time my husband and I had to ourselves just before the guests started to arrive for our wedding dinner. We were just soaking in the beautiful sunset at Hotel Fort Canning with fairy lights being switched on at dusk, and I remembered thanking my husband for making this dream outdoor ceremony with our family and friends come true! It really was everything I pictured it to be.

A : If you had to sum the entire wedding experience up in a phrase or sentence, what would it be?

J: A whirlwind of craziness and fun! 

A: Lastly, we wish you both a super happy and blessed marriage! What are some exciting adventures or plans you both have for the future?

J: We’re looking forward to our honeymoon in Europe this coming November as we’ve never been there before. We’re pretty much just going to be be travelling the world whenever we can and however we can! 

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