Farewell #ArcadeCommons

Farewell #ArcadeCommons

13 Jun 2017

2015-09-07, we set out on a project that lets you and ourselves express on various topics besides fashion.

I still remember we debated internally for a good few days before we could decide on this project’s name.

#ArcadeCommons won by popular vote and our first theme was #ACSneakers. Probably due to the team’s obsession with Stan Smiths at that time.

In the last 17 months, the team tirelessly cracked our brains every month coming up with themes that we feel may strike a chord with you. Of course, some had little response but there were also some that garnered great photos. A few Instagram handles also became familiar names and dear customers to Arcade in this process. We thank you for that!

The next few months are going to be nothing short of exciting for Arcade and it’s something done with you in mind, we sincerely hope you will like what you see.

If you’re already experiencing withdrawal symptoms, take comfort that #ArcadeCommons lives on on Instagram and we will definitely continue to use it for topics or photos that inspire us.

Lastly, we will like to celebrate some of the outstanding shots that have left a deep impression with us. We aren’t sure how many frames were taken to achieve these shots, but we are certain we have *LIKE* them.

#ACWanderlust by @mufomuffins

#ACBlackWhite by @zilinbeingzinc

#ACTrickorTreat by @brendalogy

#ACBlackWhite by @jonnytoufu

#ACWanderlust by @dearsheryl

Moving on…

This CNY, we have decided to go full circle - back to #ACHuatAh.

For those who have followed us all this while, you will know this is the same theme last year.

Wouldn’t it then be fitting for us to design our very own Arcade ang bao?

* Get yours with every online order while stocks last. *

You know the drill, go ahead and show us your favourite CNY moments with #ACHuatAh and #ArcadeCommons. Since this may be our last #ArcadeCommons, we have raised the stakes to SGD50 for the winner(s). Have fun and stay playful.

2017 will be an exciting year for Arcade and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of it.

Till the next. :)

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