Dylan: One Style, Every Occasion

Dylan: One Style, Every Occasion

13 Jun 2017

One Style, Every Occasion.

The Dylan Short Sleeve Shirt is designed to be a versatile and timeless slim-fit shirt.
Made in three different types of fabrics and four colours, there’s an ideal option for every occasion.


Oxford fabric is a woven textile that is breathable, durable and naturally-resistant to wrinkles. It is thicker than other dress shirt fabrics and is often found in casual and semi-formal dress shirts.


Twill is a type of weave that is easily identifiable by its diagonal parallel lines. The weave can be manipulated to form various patterns such as herringbone and diamond patterns. Compared to poplin, twill is less sheer and softer which allows it to drape more nicely.


Poplin, sometimes referred to as broadcloth, is a thin, smooth and tightly-woven fabric. As a result, it is the most lightweight of dress shirt fabrics and has a slight sheen which gives it a crisp and professional look. On the down side, it creases easily and can be quite sheer compared to other dress shirt fabrics.


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